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“IT price consulting”. This is a common Google search and if you are reading this article it is very likely that you have been looking for this term. But to know the price of an IT consultancy it is necessary to understand some details before reaching the final price. Keep reading to find out how this works.

The IT sector, Information Technology and computer maintenance and the like, aims to supply the technological resources (equipment, services and professionals) needed by other companies.

But how can the professional charge for this? Normally, this calculation must take into account the expected increase in productivity for the customer, that is, the value generated, as well as the necessary investments.

Before starting to talk about IT consulting and price, it is essential to check all the services that are provided by the organization.

In essence, the IT area works with data production, transmission, processing and storage, going beyond information technology. In other words, the IT professional is not just the “computer fixer”.

This professional’s portfolio must comprise the development, implementation and management of software and systems that help companies to correctly handle the information they have.

In addition to clearly knowing the services and features provided to the customer, it is essential that a technology company is aware of the value perceived by the customer in order to correctly price.

A professional, when providing an IT service, needs to respect deadlines and goodwill.

Most IT customers are companies with a competitive environment and want a service that offers competitive advantages.

With an eye on competitiveness, entrepreneurs want to acquire services that bring benefits such as cost reduction, innovation, productivity and quality.

IT Consulting Price: The Benefits You Get When Paying For This Service

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1. Receive personalized support

Having a professional dedicated especially to the dynamics of an organization is a great opportunity to improve performance.

2. Learn from those who already know

It’s not just anyone who holds an IT consultant position. This type of professional needs to have a good academic background and a lot of market experience. In other words, IT consultants are highly qualified professionals whose purpose is to pass on their knowledge to other people. When you learn from those who already know, it enhances your chances of absorbing the knowledge.

3. Adopt world best practices

It is common for IT consultants to base their guidance on the best practices in the market worldwide. These practices can be found both in guides such as the PMBOK® and BPM CBOK® and in standards and frameworks such as ITIL® and COBIT®.

4. Bring visibility to the IT area

With the specialized knowledge of the IT consultant and the customization of the service, it is easier to transform IT into a strategic business partner. There are areas of information technology that are still seen as cost centers in organizations. In the long run, this causes demotivation in the team. In this sense, IT consulting can help deconstruct this mistaken view and open up new possibilities for the business.

5. Increase results

IT can be more than a service provider. Information technology represents a very large competitive potential, as it is capable of bringing innovations that other areas are not aware of. However, this potential is often underutilized. In IT consulting, doors can be opened to rethink this idea.

Now that you understand a little bit of complexity and IT consulting, price is subjective and depends on several factors we’ve already mentioned here.

But if you want something more detailed for your type of business, get in touch with us so that we can provide a personalized service for you!