O que é fábrica de software

The exponential growth of the technological branch has made countless new opportunities appear in the market. Such opportunities served to optimize processes, especially with regard to issuing invoices. The software factory, for example, is a case in point. But what is a software factory? That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. Good reading!

To the point: a software factory or software house, as its name suggests, has the objective of creating software to meet the diverse demands that exist with their respective audiences.

Instead of creating a single system, which serves the various customers who go after software development, this factory aims to design their own models. That differ in the format they are built and in other operating points.

In other words, software house creates a system for each customer through customization.

There are some observations about this development. Which may or may not make the consumer give up on this option, but the developer, who seeks to improve this service, will try to solve it.

Companies that work with the software house are a differential in the technological field, as this system serves the different audiences that appear behind the creation of software, but granting them a unique project.

On the other hand, the traditional system also serves different audiences, but does not offer any differentiation, using only a single software — with the necessary adaptations to function — to all its consumers.

Therefore, the dispute between the software factory and the traditional system really exists in the market. Both forms of development bring advantages and disadvantages, which need analysis from the contractor.

What is a software factory and what are its main points

In order to better understand the software house and its main points, we have separated those that we consider to be the most relevant and that we believe to be the biggest highlight, especially for companies that are looking to develop a system for issuing invoices.

These, by themselves, are the most relevant questions for the software factory to be chosen in relation to traditional development, which also designs systems, but which delivers the same systems to its customers.

Software Factory: Custom System

Without a doubt, the developer needs to be aware that the choice for the software factory is based on the customization of this system.

The search for market prominence and differentiated performance is a way to stand out and highlight your brand.

The same projects, which do not have customizations, can become a negative point for companies and, therefore, become a motivation for the search for a software factory.

The creation of an invoice issuing system, for example, becomes much more attractive when your identity is stamped.

Large companies as a target audience

Furthermore, a very interesting point is regarding the target audience of the software factory.

This system reaches countless types of companies that are after this development. Even those considered to be large are the most benefited in this project.

This is due, again, to the customization that only the software house presents to the systems they create.

Instead of using the same design that other sites already have, this one is unique, bringing not only the highlight that we talk about so much, but also the brand’s identity.

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